The @MinifigNewsguy Gets Results!

I was minding my own business on YouTube a couple weeks ago and saw in the comments of this video, they were not sure who the voice over was…

I heard that voice. I’m a New Englander through and through. It’s Dana Hersey. He had been the face and voice of WSBK in it’s indie years before being sold to Paramount to become a UPN owned affiliate.

I recall hearing his voice, because TV38’s programming and content (outside of sports) continued right to the Paramount* sale. I remember visiting his site years, and years ago, and I remember WJZ being mentioned. Even around 2001, Hersey was heard on WBBR/Bloomberg Eleven-Three-Oh in NYC (I suspect he had connections because a few WRKO misfits went down there for program management).

* not to be confused of the present day Paramount, that was before ViacomCBS, before Viacom buying CBS in 2018 after 12 year divorce with CBS buying Viacom and Paramount in 1999, to simply a complex corporate history.

Hersey today is living off Crazy Uncle of Boston Talk Radio, Howie Carr, and he still kickin and he has even done the voice over cues for the Grace Curley show. I have nothing against conservatives, but Howie Carr is like the local Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, a complete sell out to one man in a major party. Howie doesn’t even talk about Beacon Hill politics anymore at 6:00 pm ET. This is nothing against Dana either, it is what it is.

Within a couple days, the YouTuber with hard-handle of “saxwork”, recently rebranded visually as “Only1JZ” an ode to their tagline, had posted Hersey’s demo reel

It made my night when I saw the reply, then the following morning the video. The comments brought a conversation.

The fan community is very small, but it’s nice to see the comrade and the surprising turnaround of the WJZ fan person

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