News 9’s on Bots?

A week after the state’s primaries, the station that turns #NHPolitics into a s-tshow; I called out the station directly via a tag on Twitter. But apparently it got their attention and they were allegedly stalking me (and perhaps this site…and preferred to get intel via my pages section) not the wonderful posts of work and travels.

Regardless I visited ONCE and saw this Tweet…

It’s never Two-Thousand-And-Late to get decades old technology from Vinten!

I hear WMUR-TV’s air through my family’s dining room. I heard Jamie Staton do the midday wheel a couple weeks back, and some male creep in the news as the lead. I don’t know if these Vinten Fusion pedestals are new, or handme downs, from another Hearst station. This does not include the nearly $25,000 Vinten APS device that uses laser coordinates to know where the robot can move. The little markings on the floor are the coordinates, similar to the “checkerboard” style to the AutoCam generation.

If it’s the standard 9’er is still true of 3 studio cameras, theres over a quarter million of Vinten hardware, not including control equipment and the cameras themselves. The set is nearly 4 years old roughly and was actually designed by Devlin, a well known set design company out in the midwest. Unlike NBCU or Tegna, there is no so-called set-in-a-box and the only difference is a logo at the Hearst chain.

But for my fellow New Hampshirites, these are completely automatic, can be manned by one person (the preferred way) or in it’s automated rundown the anchors read off of, there’s a script for machines and scripts for humans.

I am not sure of heads of state agencies, and other 603 lifers are familiar, but in case the station didn’t put a sign.

CAUTION! Robotic Cameras can Move at Any time!

There’s more to this. The robotic system can be turned off by litterally turning a dial on the base, and near the side (to do pan tilt and zoom manipulations), that’s why Vinten/Radmadec calls it Fusion

taken by your humble Minifig Newsie at the 2018 NAB Show


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