Midtown Manhattan – September 2001

These prints predate to digital, and I had visited the Tristate area the weekend of Labor Day 2001. My aunt and I visited the island that Saturday, and visited 30 Rock touring the NBC facility (and yes she violated the no flash photo policy) when I was doing the chroma key demo. We also visited Central Park. Obviously who would’ve known what would occur more than a week after. It wasn’t until my twenties I realized I cheated death, despite not going to lower Manhattan that day.

The last time I visited The City was as a vacation, the first time ever in October 2017. (all other trips before were day trips) My mother and I came back home to New Hampshire on October 21st. Nearly 10 days after that, a really shallow terror attack in TriBeCca (in the psychologically metaphoric sense), where a box truck deliberately drove into children and families on Halloween. The shallowness was like, you’re taking a special day that’s for children and ram a vehicle to a pedestrian only street to carry a grudge, 15 years after plane hitting the tallest structure on the East Coast? That’s how low we are going for “terror attacks”?  Unlike 9/11, the oh-my-gawd effect had more impact, perhaps because I was closer to the range of the mayhem, like in blocks, not miles.




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