FBF: Lighting Grid, BRCK-TV Miniland (2011)

No pun intended for “Flashback” but this was of my first studio projects in minifig scale. It’s a variant of various special bricks and hinge pieces using crossed 1x plates. These things can be hard to build.

The BRCK-TV digs in Metro Miniland was the first station in the Minifig world to be in full 720p HD (later to be at 1080p), tapeless and mostly an IP based operation. It was modeled of KYW’s digs, when they relocated in 2007. the BRCK-TV studio was located in the Manchester Borough of Miniland and coincidentally if it was located in the real world, next to my least favorite Manchester, NH station.

BRCK-TV’s owner changed the following year and by early 2013, became a KCAL/KCBS setup, where BSBS-TV, Miniland’s Channel 2 would move in.


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