Where Have I been?

I am not on vacation this week.

Despite a quiet social media activity, I’ve been really busy finishing version 4 of my media nook space.

With my upgrades to streaming and recording (the StreamDeck and the Elgato HD capture device), this required upgrading my Mac’s OS as well as hardware changes (such as cabling and alike.) This has taken a period of time to complete and there will be more changes coming down for the month of July as I have the time to do all the upgrades. I have a lot of hardware to do my productions and I need it to work all the time. Which means I can’t go offline. I’ve done one my first major software updates since the upgrade today.

The Minifig Newsguy is literally a 24x7x365 operation when it comes to stuff outside of airchecks and captures of real world media for historical purposes.

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