Storytime! The Discovery of an Apparent [incompetent] MSNBC Contributor, Double Standards, and the fears of Journalism Being Rigged by Activists

Let’s start at the top of a few things. One the underlying tone is if someone on camera drives you so nuts, it must be personal, like a post in April, it’s the What Has This Individual Done to You Personally? Second is a real-time discovery of this individual from late November of 2021 to present. Third, in the fair-disclosure, I had attempted to contact this individual in a number of ways, spread out in months. Fourth, if there is appearance of any plagiarism from another blog, it’s because I have written about this individual as well over there, the other site is acting as a decades long personal repository of my invisible disability myself with a journalistic instinct and the injustices of family support, the support agencies, and the ignorance of the general public and recovering from narcissistic abuse from some male people once in my life.

Originally I had made this a series of Tweets on Friday, July 22nd, and it got all messy in order. I am sticking to that

The subject is an individual, named Elizabeth “Liz” Plank, a Canadian who literally bills herself as a “Feminist that loves men”. For a guy with an autistic condition, I do not take that literally at all. She identifies her pronouns with “she/her” of which I’ll be referring to Elizabeth* as such in the rest of this post. She had been a “journalist” with Vox prior to being MSNBC’s contributor, Vox is not one of my most trusted news sources. I’ll explain later why I do not respect her as a “journalist”, and I call her the Howie Carr of Feminism “Reporting”, and she is technically classified as an opinion writer on MSNBC-dot-com

*I refer to her formal name because I think calling herself “Liz” is cutting herself short, she has such a lovely given-name, I’ll give that to her.

I discovered her in mid November 2021, of two separate instances of the then Peacock/The Choice program. My YT channel isn’t just seeing old airchecks, station IDs, montages, opens/closes stingers, resyncs, but actual news here and there. (The Choice was then rebranded as MSNBC digital content in April of 2022)

The subject matter was on Josh Hawley’s interview with Axios/HBO, the second instance was on the aftermath of the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal. Being the sharp-eyed autistic, looking around the attractive subject of her (I will waive my objectivity and say that brunette with brown eyes is cute), a book was conveniently located above her shoulder, in much like a Howie Carr situation, was in indirect plug for a book entitled For the Love of Men, the paperback (Second Edition) was just published (the original scribe was printed in the fall of 2019.) The title felt like an oxymoron. It doesn’t take one less than five second to identify her as some feminist hippie; further stating you can’t-fool-me.

I have not heard of her, and from 2019 to present I am struggling trusting any man with any power. In calendar year 2021, YouTube was flooded with really dangerous messages from Brittany Sellener, Courtney Cristine Ryan, podcasts like The Roommates, mixed with the usual suspects of Joe Rogan, and Jordan Peterson, all defending what many would say alpha-male behaviors. In 4Q 2019, I had been in the midst of a toxic professional relationship that was perpetuated by an abusive man who gaslit the living eff of me, and a passive/agressive athletic woman, with very little feminine fingerprints. In fact I had very few feminine figures in my life to begin with when I look back at my first half of my life…

In December I started to research her a bit more, from some podcasts from 2019 and early 2020, and started to be really surprised at her convictions. Sequentially she had claimed to work with “disabled people” (direct phrases she use repeatedly to this day) which was even more personal (remember this post is about a personal account of this experience.) I avoided her social media until late 2021 (to avoid overstimulation, it’s weird to characterize it that way, but it was.) The known reciprocating  response was making light of her spending Christmas outside her family’s home in her native of Montreal on Twitter (per to my logs)

It wasn’t until the New Year, I found her Substack, which is a hot mess, and clearly doesn’t trust being edited. This was well before I would be able to purchase For The Love of Men. I saw some a lot of grammar issues, a lot of clustered thoughts, if gawd-forbid a male autistic was to do the same thing, he would have his sorry a– to dry.

On January 6th of this year, this very apparently perky, happy individual had posted on social media a new endeavor entitled The Dream Job Club, for the aforementioned “disabled” group. I have been technically unemployed since the week before my 21st birthday for a number of reasons, outlined on my new communal site. In October, I had goals for my services to try to start from the bottom again with work (non ideal, anything to add for the resume.) The resources are not ideal, the local Vocational Rehabilitation does not have services for people with autism! Unless I am in a wheelchair… The oldest cases since the alleged “epidemic” are the ages between the upper thirties and mid twenties. I’ve always have fought waves being forgotten.

I contacted the gmail provided in that post, that claimed to be a soft-launch ran by Liz. I had also initially wanted to have her come onto my content to pick her brain, but then that was before I had heard her on The Man Enough Podcast, she co-hosts with two Left Coast Hollywood types, that despite strong connections with Proctor & Gamble, the studio and production is technically owned by Audacy (it’s actually under a shell company called “Cadence13” regardless) that is formerly known as Entercom), and despite a rebrand and window-dressing, the way she is affiliated would further validate sketchy business practices at Audacy.

Why? She claims on the said podcast her identification is her passport. That’s kinda sketchy, there should be a Green Card at least… but her immigration status is little to none, and it would tie back to NBCUniversal’s MSNBC using foreign people for cheap labor. It’s not to say the competition across 6th Avenue at News Corp and Fox Corp are angels either. There’s that Miranda Devine from the New York Post propagating stuff on Fox News Channel, so I will always retain my doubts at the two cable networks a block apart.

I have not heard back for her at all and the social media has always been dead silent. I had even been in a receipt of what would become a ghost-like hashtaging her book.

When I ordered that book in February of 2022, I was really let down at how poor the writing is. She never addressed the target audience; the messaging was poor. Supposedly she was defending men as a gender and a group as radical feminism has forgotten them (read below how she even did this herself… a hypocrite.)

(Liz Leaves Readers Hanging – Instagram post)

After an appearance of The Man Enough Podcast, where she was the “guest” and topic, she really had some bad upbringings, and then appeared in another podcast in April of 2022 admitting she never went to journalism school, prior to the pandemic she was offered a position to be on camera for a cable news program; then turned it down because she “wasn’t enough”.  Even worse, Liz had even had the audacity to mention something to the effect of: “many people who work here don’t really know how it all works”.

Liz Plank is not that much younger than me, and she has much more experience and she was ill responsible for saying she was “not enough” on Audacy’s Man Enough Podcast and another podcast in April. Not to mention she loves to name drop, but never cites Joel Cheatwood by name, though quotes the 7News ethos when you scroll down of her about page. What’s more concerning is the ADHD is her cover/crutch for her quirks for a woman whose like a Howie Carr in the feminist orbit. She asks for people to subscribe an arm and a leg to cover her ADHD pills. She is a public figure. Full Stop, she shouldn’t be asking normal people (or her “friends”… whoever they are) to grift $50 upfront annually. The fact about her inexpeiences is highly ill relevant from a legal and ethical perspective.

“Being alive in 2022 is not small feat. It takes a lot of energy to simply read the news, let alone try and do something about it. Add ADHD to the mix and you’ve got yourself a fun cocktail of brain-fog flavored hot flashes.”

Liz Plank’s Substack July 19th, after being more open with ADHD and clearly doesn’t understand the language of enterprise or non-enterprise journalism. There is nothing about journalism that requires you to “do something about it” That’s on you!

By late spring into present, she has basically opened up she has ADHD (whether it’s been formally diagnosed is unclear, but I will assume ‘yes’) because I have lost a tremendous respect as she jumps onto the latest headlines, write on MSNBC’s website like LiveJournal entry, and doesn’t have an autistic mindset of following up the events the week before. 

When the story of SOCTUS’ Roe v. Wade ruling leaked, Liz went on her “radical feminist” and basically ordering men to obey to her prejudices. This made me freak out, because there’s apparently no editors on MSNBC-dot-com and she started off the column using Google data, that had no context.

This is consistent to her very same book, her “research” was a lot of data with a lot of X but missing the whole numbers of Y. On that same day I was in the real-world feeling creeped out as being a guy, resulting in this tweet. By the Way, Liz Plank is classified under “Opinion Columnist” for; but don’t be alarmed to see her Instagram stories of screengrabs of said site where she uses phrases such as “my reporting”, which defeats the perceived job-description (assuming it’s non-public information.)

On May 19th, two days after publication, I went livid and crazy. This tweet is the most infamous in the history of @minifignewsguy – yours truly

Hey Liz, you want to know how many Boston newsies you spooked? it was in the hundreds according to Twitter Insights, part was because it was Retweet. A video post of Candice Owens was a contributing factor in fairness that same day too.  Liz, you may not be a journalist, but you are certainly a political “influencer”!

She has opened up more about her later-life ADHD diagnosis, which would mean no one could fire her because of her handicap, I guess she’ll have to surrender her Best Buddies affiliation, since you’re supposed to be typical.  Am I being ableist? No, because I have chosen not to be in the industry because I as a male autistic, know I am clearly not-enough and I do not regret the choices I made; somehow some whose more left than the Democratic Party in the US, can get away with writing and publishing books with reckless messaging, or even worse cross an ethical boundary with Twitter giving a disabled person her Twitter account to Tweet out from the war in Ukraine. This is something that most typical people would never do, give login credentials to a blue-checkmark Twitter account. Megyn Kelly once claimed NBC News has strict standards and practices, but apparently MSNBC allows some legit odd-ball people do post and do whatever their hearts content. I hate to make this personal, but Liz-Plank-Types are like the Crazies-Caged-The-Opinion-Firewall.

You want to talk about standards, always use an autistic male, because they are the first to be labeled as creeps. We may have better retention on recent current events than a reactive ADHD, playful personality whose a “feminist that loves men”. There is apparent severe holes in ethical and some morals with her; and sadly she is apparently not the same person you see on camera or in your earbuds or headphones. This person appears to have massive insecurities.

One of her opinions of why feminism is being resisted is it’s challenging the “patriarchy” and that scares men. That doesn’t bother me to be direct, what bothers me is her “journalism” scares me and it bleeds into the rest of the newsgathering jobs. I call “activists” fanboys and fangirls. They have no business being in any news operation, or be labeled as a journalist. I referred to her as the Feminist Howie Carr for a reason. Her radical feminist agenda is fine, but when it mixes into “reporting” then she is a lowlife.

This woman will die later in life on-paper a more successful person with ADHD than your humble minifig news gatherer will ever in his life, being a male with ASD. Again I what do I know about journalism, or feminism or disability or masculinity? I am just that minifig creative services guy.

The whole Liz Plank In-Expierence was really the radical difference of a female feminist with a mild handicap vs a documented (with DECADES of being an) oppressed male with ASD. And sadly she’s no stranger, to it, she brought it up a couple times on her Substack.

Ironically I write this a week after MSNBC hit 2-6, and in self retrospect, it was the first cable news channel that sucked me in (with it’s strong scenic design and sonic branding); and Liz Plank was an individual I got sucked into from an societal and political to only be catfished.


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