News Music Monday: MSNBC’s Inaugural Theme Package, part two

I talked so much about the overall MSNBC look rather than the theme package… let me tell ya a couple things. 1) I didn’t watch much cable news (CNN, CNBC, etc wasn’t really on my radar. Maybe Headline.) 2nd, I recall July 1996 really well. Two major stories broke in MSNBC’s first couple of weeks. The set and theme package, just drew my 9 year old self in. Hearing the Shelly Palmer theme package, just channels my inner youthful, but old soul of a Gen-Xer in a Millennial body. I think it was that energy that captivated me into watching cable news.

Least we don’t forget the first break on that morning was actually the best cut in the package itself. The irony. What does MSNBC use today? No package whatsoever


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