Happy Monday! Two new features!

Hello my Fellow Minifig newsies!

Today, as I can’t wait for August to start, a new week and a couple soft launches. Let’s break ’em down


Beginning today, @minifignewsguy is also on Patreon. It’s to give people content that will be exclusive for the Patreons; specifically in original content, in production, in post production related to Lego and shooting minifigures. I am a shutterbug too, and I possess nearly 60,000 images, so related to Lego and newsgathering, I may also share. Pricing is still TBD.


As your humble minifig newsie, I’m very forward thinking in new tech… just takes about 5 years to catch up! Today marks the introduction of a Discord “server” with the handle as the server’s name. For those who are not familiar, it’s basically Slack meets Microsoft Teams meets the big social platforms. Certain discussion topics are similar to what I have been posting here for a over a year now.

There are no other plans to keep on expanding, there is so much anyways. And to rest assured for the legal copyright holders, by no means will there be an expectation of trading content or using copyrighted content in exclusive/locked content. Want to make sure the counsels aren’t going to have their hearts explode with these new endeavors!


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