BCOP 6 News Promo – Cassidy Hutchinson Testifies (June ’22)

It was one my best promos I produced despite voice over mismatches. The testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson from the January 6th Committee hearings, was very “alarming” (was the editorial phrase 6 used) and the best use of making quick 15 second cuts. Notice the flash cut. We also added text with the “[POTUS Trump] lunged” to the steering wheel to get emphasis out.

The graphic is a PNG image, and we are doing what was typical for the early 10s, where you have the “4:3 safe zone” for standard def TV screens. The reasoning why we reintroduced this even though the station is fully 16:9? One word: Instagram. The way people are consuming media, we are certainly not going to do 45° rectangle of a resolution and if the 16:9 crop happens on Instagram, you still get the station’s logo and time for the tease.

Editing is not just cutting stuff up, it’s also an editorial decision too.


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