Life after Ctown (BCOP Is no longer)

On May 4th marked my last day with BCOP-TV and BCOP Newsradio effective immediately. I left in decent terms. The TV station wanted me to work too many hours (and I have personal issues with my family in the real-world.) Secondly, the radio station wanted me to do tag-partner hours, me doing even hours and another anchor for the other hour, and go back and forth to morning drive at 5:00 am. That means I would start at 8:00pm, 10:00pm, midnight, 2:00 am and 4:00 am from Monday night into Saturday morning.  I couldn’t do it along with offers for morning drive traffic or midday drive traffic.

Copenhagen is not Denmark in my part of the micro world. It’s actually a capital of Minibrick State, the least populated in the world, at least as my last research. The daytime population pre COVID was 60,000, and it used to be almost 70,000 before the Blizzard of 2015 in late January into February took down the state House, and a State House Tower that used to hold up to 10,000 state employees. It’s a mix of Albany meets Hartford.

But I used to be from the big city of Metro Miniland, a city of 4 million and a county population of 6, Miniland County is like NYC, without 25 former New York State Towns and 4 NYS Counties (the boroughs.) Before 2015, I settled for many years in side town of Elizabeth, (exits 17 to 21 on 493) a tiny city of 40,000 minifigures. But I had an alternative relationship where I married a fellow person and then relocated to Copenhagen moonlighting as an Information Services technical support specialist for the MIS government. I had then freelanced for BCOP-TV to get my feet wet of experiencing doing actual recordings of news that I had never done (I had relied on imagination and broken cameras.) I never made the full move to newsgathering till this winter. I still did the IT/IS sidejob (even in the real world while being chronically unemployed since I had been 21 due to neglect of the developmentally delayed system.)

But my relationship with Melanie had ended a month before the pandemic. A year before I tried to create a poor-mans Game Creek Video business, and COVID just made it get creamed. The divorce process took a long time, and then she had a severe illness. She then committed suicide on June 30th. Her infamy was likely inadvertent because she touted how she was the 9th generation of the settlers of a Connectclick capital city. As a result, both Northern and Southern Brick England markets were fighting for SNG time because the story caught the attention downstream on the Long Island River

So my media business ended, and I thought I’d stick with Six, but my emotions are running high. My home is a suburb near a big city in the minifig world. I am a Minilandian (not a Minilander like you see at a Legoland park.)

I am hoping in the coming months from the content creator/minifig news gathering side, I’ll come up with some consultation projects since Miniland has 3 Flagship O&Os and is the fourth largest DMA in the Minifig world, and is home to the first fully HD TV studio in the Minifig world. Just like spending a week in Manhattan, is fine, but living there is another thing. That’s like Miniland.

There will always be a spot in my heart for Ctown, the only Capital without a State House thanks to Mother Nature.

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