Commentary: “Harvey Says…”

Harvey Leonard had retired from WCVB after 20 years at the station plus another 25 years at Boston’s Channel 7 with the three iterations of owners and licenses. During the early 1990s, WHDH-TV had ran a promo campaign of “Harvey Says” but I have never been able to find it on YouTube other than verifying a 5 second station ID dating as far back as the platform itself. Start finding your ol VHS collections. Anyways I want to underscore that tagline with some words shown below.

His claim to fame was a young meteorologist was accurately forecasting the Blizzard of 1978 when others wrote it off; that ate Boston and eastern Massachusetts, a metrological monster burying the city and to pile on (pun intended) poor political decisions by then Governor.

I would like to use the “Harvey Says” outside of weather and more of a forecast of the local media industry. Yesterday, at a station gathering with two other people retiring too he said they “We desperately need other people.” What an understatement. I say this because I see the changes in local media and today was a bittersweet day for someone who has seen so many changes and lived in the same market for my entire life. How can you have a “team” if so many people are being combined to doing multiple jobs? TV is supposed to be visual so there is some work to make so called “performance” but that’s given since the start.

Harvey needs to say that to the corporate folks because it’s on them to decide what’s “desperately” needed

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