Analysis of the KPIX’s 70th Anniversary

In the fall of 2018, KPIX celebrated it’s big 7-0. The anniversary music was composed by Stephen Arnold Music (from what I can tell is one of their first clients for a CBS O&O, read an earlier post) and was voiced over by Chris Corley, one of their long time voice over artists for the stations opens and promos for well over a decade. He passed away within the last year from pancreatic cancer.

Entitled 70 Years of Innovation, they had done for the most part long pieces on their Sunday newscast (because past the Central Time Zone, in Football season, all the primetime shows airs at it’s normal timeslot, leaving the 6:30 PT newscasts to run in full unlike stations near my locale (the Eastern Time zone.) The packages ran from about 8 to 10 minutes. They focused on the entire history of what was going in in the San Francisco Bay Area in the existence of KPIX.

From the hot-button social issues, to controversial politicians, to movers and shakers (South Bay’s very own Steve Jobs is featured in a cameo in the promo the station ran.) It wasn’t just reliving Mac & Wendy, or the glory days of Eyewitness News or People are Talking. It was literally a combination of the stories, the city, the region and the people behind the station.


This was certainly more in the qualit

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