A throwback to WCVB’s Chronicle Edit bay

In early January, WCVB-TV did a special Chronicle on the passing of Mary Richardson, who passed away on New Year’s Eve. The screenies below came from the segment entitled “Mary’s Family”, it was likely this was shot in 2009/2010, when she had retired from the program. The edit bays are interesting to see because this hardware predates corporate control to local media. Avid, despite being a long time Tewksbury company (and later relocated to Burlington), very few local houses used Avid. But also remember computer editing systems were selective, and when a story was completed, it had to be re fed back to video tape in real time. This predates tapeless, and simple uploading.

In the 40th anniversary special (that aired in early February), the edit suites are very generic looking and not purpose built like you used to see in Avids. Not to mention the hardware intense nature of these edit bays.  I believe today they are using Adobe’s Premiere which is very software centric today.





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