This Just In: Tegna is Being Sold, The Spirit of Texas will be Part of Cox!

The Hollywood Reporter has a story out today that Tegna (that was primed for a takeover for a while) is being sold to Apollo and Standard General. For all intensive purposes, 4 stations will be sold to Cox’s parent Apollo while the rest will go to Standard. The stations that are going to Cox? Humm do I need to say The Spirit of Texas? Quoting the Reporter

Following the close of the deal, Tegna stations in Austin (KVUE), Dallas (WFAA and KMPX) and Houston (KHOU and KTBU) are expected to be acquired by Cox Media Group, and Tegna’s over-the-top advertising platform Premion “is expected to operate as a stand-alone business majority owned by Cox Media Group and Standard General,” the companies said.

On one hand, it’s great that these once beautiful news operations will be taken out of Tegnaitis but do you really want The Spirit to be Coxified? What would 11 News and News 8 get instead? Resting b!tch face anchor ladies, and fast talking carpetbaggers to suck up to Cox corporate’s ladder by screwing off the viewers?

At least 615 Music ruined their own theme package of Impact V 5. with add-on lyrics of We don’t give a f about you. But despite the sassy Hothaus package, you can’t even get me to even watch them!

At least on the bright side, if Cox has it their way, maybe KHOU and WFAA can reunite their branding with 615 Music and Houthaus packages, of which in my home market of Boston, 25 News has had a really sassy look, but you can’t even get me to even watch them because of the RBF ridden anchors with zero personalities and in your face We Don’t Give an Eff About You attitude.

If you asked me, I am hoping Belo managers who were bought into Tegna follow their way into Cox and make the Cox stations celebrate the Texan Spirit instead.

Because you know, The Spirit of Texas was one of the best hyperlocal patriotic branding in the country. (Sorry I’m 4 New York is too lame!)


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