“I thought I’d turn on the TV and see you do the weather” – Steven’s ex classmate


Oh how did they miss my personality? By a grade? I repeated fifth grade because of a botched transition to the local middle school. Given my autistic condition, I wasn’t that social with many of my peers, typical ones. So they probably thought I was one those odd ball meteorologists (of which I won’t single out.) I guess they neglected to see my future potential…

like a Shadow Traffic reporter? Traffic requires personality, especially for broadcast. I guess those “friends” really missed out on what I really aspired to be growing up. They forgot that I was becoming interested in maps. Maybe they didn’t realize maybe I could be married with children, with some of those oddball scientist on TV that don’t have either.

I took that message to heart very personally in late 2018 and never forgot that copy ever since. Boy was that “Marie” totally clueless of my potential!

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