#WBW: Spring 2016 – Spoofing Tegna’s This is Home Campaign

Local News Shouldn’t have to be presented in nine different color coded graphics

In the minifig world, a competing station would follow a Tegna* format, with the gawd awful Gari Media’s This is Home campaign and theme package. At 6 News, we being the ball-buster news operation, went to Twitter and did a series of 9 posts giving another nudge to Tegna and This is Home. We went to the jugular. We did 14 full sized images to Tweet out just because it turns us on to see teenagers coming up with a stupid corporate branding…

*Tegna became a company from the Gannett spinoff in 2015, but it predated 2 years prior, and Gannett bought two chains of groups during the lifecycle of TIH.

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