Fox News Channel in late Summer 2001

This is a complete airing of The O’Reilly Factor in summer of 2001. They were using Quantel’s Paintbox for full screens and ID animations but at some point that ol mini was taken to the curb. But in the Talking Points memo, you can see that infamous Chyron “iNFiNiT! effect”, the default blind effect that was often fired off a change of titles. CNN was still on iNF!N!T!, going back to 1994 as well as NBC News and MSNBC.  I thought for a while the Chyron iNFiNiT! was used but thought they went to Deko by this point, maybe for some productions and master control (where the cube bug and later crawl space later on.) Hearst and Gannett stations had standardized on Deko, and stations like WCVB-TV’s 2000 graphics package was cued off a Deko. WMUR-TV was an early Deko adopter, the 1997 graphics package and doing some other research implies they were using it well before the Hearst takeover of 2001.

According to industry scribes, FNC had adopted Vizrt for their animation of their IDs in 2001, and at some point Fox had used Pinnacle (later Avid’s) Deko “Computer Graphics” generator it seemed to be in 2004 in a uniform graphics change.

The side shoulder graphics were tacky for it’s time. A bit dated on the font, and it was bulky a/f! It wasn’t the last time the 80s looking ITC Avante Garde was used at the network, a decade later when on their second VizRT graphics package. It was horrible.

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