Look Out: “Look S” is Making it’s Way to the NBC O&Os!

In late June, NBC rolled out a new graphics package to it’s O&Os entitled Look S. Please click here to read more about the history of the in-house Peacock graphics. This is what Look N should’ve looked in the first place.

Resemblance of the NBC Nightly News can be seen on the lower thirds. As of this writing, KNBC, WNBC, WMAQ, KNTV in the Bay Area can be confirmed to be using the graphics. It is highly likely that NBC will try to get all stations updated by July 23rd, the start of the Tokyo Olympics. This is the first NBCU package that the Telemundo owned stations will be using as well as the English speaking NBC.

If it makes it to Boston there’s one little thing I ask for NBC to tweak… it’s theme package. 🙂

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