a picture of a microwave mast for an Electronic News Gathering vehicle from the 2017 NAB event.

My Journey. My Future. Let’s Bring the News Back!

Sometimes people get a “calling”. Sometimes it’s God, the Spaghetti-Monster. Or sometimes, it’s a microwave mast. Regardless, I hear a message likely coming from an assignment desk on a two-way, paging me to respond to a political firestorm at Town Hall. They want me there instantly while the unionized Electronic News Gathering crew makes it to the town hall. They want me to hold a mic and a camera to the political mess. Edit a 90 second story to feed it back to the station for the noon broadcast.

a picture of a microwave mast for an Electronic News Gathering vehicle from the 2017 NAB event.
Something is calling me…to go to my calling.

I’ve said this for a long time, I’d rather starve than being under informed. Information is my nutrients as well as flashy and sexy motion graphics and kick ass theme music. Style with substance. I’m afraid I am getting sick because I am not pressing F5 enough to get the latest information to the world around me.

I do not like where user-generated content is going. Facebook and Twitter needs no dialogue; YouTube is a cesspool of hard right, ultra conservative, cringy-fringy content. There is no place for facts. No place for independent, private sector news industry detached from state to report on the facts. Political nerds is en vogue, but not everything has a blue/red tint. I hate the tech sector, it’s all group think. I like to think on my own. No religious wars, please!

I hear the calls louder, and someone wants me to be dispatched to a news story. I also am getting calls to make some graphics for some elements for the 5:00 broadcast. And some promo work that kinda stoops below news, but hey we aren’t all perfect right? My hobby is to make local news great again, with those interlocking building platforms. Do we have bias? Sure. Is it in your face. Of course not. Our bias is our passion towards issues, people or sports teams.

I am the Minifig Newsguy. It’s my calling on social to the work that the mainstream media has neglected. Let’s go kick ass and teach the public how local news can be! 

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