R.I.P. WGBH’s Ten O Clock News – 30 Years Later

This month marks the 30th death-versary of WGBH-TV’s The Ten O Clock News. Most of my fans are probably young or don’t live in the Boston TV market (that also includes a vast region of Southern New Hampshire via cable) and mostly WGBH in the fan-community is well known for it’s logo and it’s national programming.

Your humble tape archivist and creative services expert and journalist when I feel like it, I thought it would be useful to share my observations of the program, what the market is missing and what occurred to WGBH-TV for most of the 1990s after the program had been canceled. I also feel it’s important to share history within the PBS-bubble. It was not abnormal for PBS stations to run local newscasts, I mean NJN in New Jersey did it for 30 years, and it’s 10 year death-vesary will be the end of next month (and I’ll do a piece on that too.)

If the technical gawds are looking out for me, I am planning to stream on my YouTube at 10:00 pm Eastern Time (US) the last program that is available online on Sunday, May 30th.

The TOCN theme on my page for the rest of this month, will be about it’s format, how it compared to comm-stations like Channels 4, 5, 7, and 56; what made it unique, can can the public trust the official statement of the station in 1991? Lastly, a subject on where the talent went, and if they repeated unemployment again.


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