When doing retro Lego News Opens…

There’s someone who likes the ol WPVI and Lego. Not a bad hobby, though one of my Instagram followers would careless about the ABC/Disney O&O.

I remember seeing this open a while ago, like several years ago. The theme music predates the infamous “singing hippies” Move Closer to Your World; and this Action News Theme can be debated if this had more of a timeless sound than say MCTYW.  I find a few flaws to doing retro opens with Lego. Basically on elements, like screens, minifigure faces, etc. Despite that this open was from the early 1970s (1972 to at least 1974); and the Minifigure was invented in 1978; and Lego didn’t have an American operation till 1974, there is ways to hack the history and throw a -rw or rewrite history.

I recommend sticking to bricks in the most literal sense because “elements” really didn’t become popular till the 1980s.


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